Produce exact & flawless plugs and tenons

Premium plug and tenon cutters made from extremely hard wearing
special grade high carbon steel


Consistent cutting geometry

Bits will not deform under heat over their lifetime


Extremely clean holes

Rim finely scores the hole before cutting spurs remove the stock


Quicker cutting

CNC ground edges means less energy is required to cut the hole


Perfect flat bottom holes

Special grade high carbon steel Forstner bits for clean cut, flat bottom holes in hard, soft and exotic woods


Will not deform under heat

Extremely hard wearing carbon steel will retain its hardness under prolonged use and maintain a precise cutting geometry


Minimal fibre pull and wood tearing

Skewed teeth geometry ensures minimal fibre pull and wood tearing resulting in clean, precise cuts


A crisp, clean entry

Rim is fractionally higher than the chippers meaning the bit will enter the wood cleanly, prior to the chippers clearing the wood


Lifetime Warranty

We don't put our name to any ordinary tool

If any bit fails due to a material or manufacturing defect it will be
replaced free of charge


The new Plug & Tenon Cutter Sets

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