There can only be one ruler

The only rule that you will ever need


Pinpoint precision

The scales are assured to ±0.001mm over 1m


The best of the best

The straightest, heaviest and flattest ruler make it perfect for woodworking


Right down the centre

Standard and centre scales for traditional measuring and finding the centre of workpieces


Parallax? What parallax

30-degree bevels allow marking next to the precise graduations, eliminating parallax error


Beautifully finished

Protective black anodised finish is very aesthetically pleasing


Only the best material

CNC machined from a single piece of aircraft grade aluminium ensures stability and extremely tight tolerances


Lifetime Warranty

We don't put our name to any ordinary tool

If any straight rule fails due to a material or manufacturing defect it will be replaced free of charge


The new Precision Aluminium Straight Rules

From Only £29.99