Good things come in small packages

Premium quality compact body router with plunge, trimming, tilting and offset bases


Variable speed with soft start

Speed control from 13,000 to 33,000rpm which will increase gradually to eliminate kickback


Deceptively powerful

The 710W high torque motor can cope with the toughest of hardwoods with ease


Plunge into the deep

The plunge base has a maximum plunge depth of 40mm and has a three turret depth stop allowing you to precisely control your plunge depths


Offset to the edge

The offset base allows you to route much closer to walls and corners than a traditional base


Tilt through 75°

The tilting base allows you to choose an angle and positively lock your router in that position


Trim and edge

The round trimming base provides excellent router bit visibility allowing you to follow the cutting line of your workpiece more accurately


Precision 1/4" Router with
Trimming, Offset & Tilting Bases