Make beautiful cabinet doors and drawers

Creating bespoke, handcrafted kitchens is simple with this door and drawer making router bit set


Rail & Stile Bits

Put decorative edges on the rails and stiles of cabinet door and drawer fronts allowing them to lock together for a sturdy outer frame


Undercutting Raised Panel Bit

Create decorative panel fronts, with an additional cutting blade for rabbeting the panel bottom edges to ensure they sit flush with the door frame


Drawer Lock Bit

Creates incredibly strong, perfectly fitting and attractive 90° joints with increased surface area for glue application


Reversible Glue Joint Bit

Produces a strong, perfectly matching glue joint for jointing boards together when making larger panels


Door Lip Bit

Puts a curved edge on the outside of the panel doors and allows the door to be inset into the frame if required


Premium performance
precision engineered

Tungsten carbide tips provide razor-sharp cutting edges and excellent wear resistance, with anti kick back design to ensure safety


Door & Drawer Making Router Bit Set