A true craftsman needs razor sharp tools

Japanese combination water stones with a huge range of grits for sharpening and honing knives and fine edge woodworking tools


Spoilt for choice

Six grits from 1000 to 10,000 to remove nicks and burrs, create new edges, sharpen, fine tune, hone and mirror polish


Time to step up a grade

Fresh abrasive particles break down and dull during the process allowing you to move seamlessly through the varying grits


Bring tools back to life

Add razor sharp edges to chisels, plane irons, knives, scissors, turning tools and carving tools


Designed for tool steel & tough alloys

Perfect formulation of synthetic aluminium oxide in a resin bond - ideal for A2 and M2 high speed steels & O1 general tool steel


Strong and long lasting

Releases fresh, sharp abrasive at a reduced rate in comparison to weakly bonded stones, for improved performance and longevity


Easy to use

Simply immerse in water for 3 to 5 minutes and you are ready to sharpen


Non-slip protection

Premium polymer base has no-mar rubber feet to prevent the stone from wandering whilst protecting your work surface


Lifetime Warranty

We don't put our name to any ordinary tool

If any water stone fails due to a material or manufacturing defect it will be replaced free of charge


Premium 180mm Japanese Combination Water Stones - Set of 3

Only £89.99