The latest advancement in work holding

The new Precision 75 chuck and jaws - precision engineered and beautifully balanced for superior performance


Turn a multitude of projects

Pens and pencils, spindles, bowls, goblets, candlesticks, pepper mills and unseasoned and green timber


Class leading clamping force

Rock-solid holding power and excellent load bearing capability - with no crushing of wood fibres


Special grade medium-tensile steel

Normally used for the manufacture of high performance turbo impellors, pistons and gears


Excellent concentricity to minimize vibration

Ensures that a chatter-free, super fine finish can be achieved every time


Simple one handed operation

Leaves one hand free to support and balance your workpiece when mounting and dis-mounting


The finest system for the discerning woodturner

Precision chuck and wide array of jaws allow for a multitude of operations to be carried out without removing the chuck from the lathe


10 Year Warranty

We don't put our name to any ordinary tool

If the precision chuck or jaws fail due to a material or manufacturing defect they will be replaced free of charge


The new Precision 75 Woodturning Chuck Complete Kit