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Japanese Water Stone Kit - Cabinetmaker

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A cabinetmakers kit, for the precise shaping and sharpening of fine edge woodworking tools, such as plane blades, chisels, carving tools and knives. The set comprises of a large, double sided 1000/6000 grit Japanese water stone, honing guide sled, knife sharpening guide and a diamond flattening stone.
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Japanese Water Stone Kit - Cabinetmaker
Regular price £120.00
Regular price £0.00Sale price £120.00
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • 1,000 grit stone establishes a basic edge, 6,000 grit removes burrs, polishes and hones
  • Aluminium oxide abrasive sharpens the toughest alloys, such as A2 and M2 HSS
  • Sled ensures accurate and consistent bevel angles every time you sharpen
  • Flattening stone maintains a true and flat surface on all grades of water stones
  • Knife sharpening guide allows consistent knife sharpening at an optimum 20° angle
This sharpening kit is favoured by cabinetmakers for the precise shaping and sharpening of fine edge woodworking tools, such as plane blades, chisels, carving tools and for knives and scissors. The set comprises of an extra large, double sided 1000/6000 grit Japanese water stone (R7508), honing guide sled (R7515), knife sharpening guide (R7513) and a diamond flattening stone (R7511).

200mm Japanese Combination Water Stone - 1000/6000
The Japanese combination water stone is man-made from Corundum, a synthetic aluminium oxide abrasive, set in a resin bond. You simply immerse the stones in water and allow to soak for 3 to 5 minutes, at which point they are ready for use. It is important to ensure the water stone retains moisture during the sharpening process. The fresh abrasive particles break down and dull during the sharpening process, creating progressively finer grits, allowing you to move seamlessly from a coarse grit stone, to a medium grit stone to a fine grit stone. After use leave the water stone to dry out naturally, before using a diamond flattening stone to re-level the face of the water stone. This combination water stone is 1000 grit and 6000 grit. The 1000 grit stone is the fastest cutting stone and is used to remove nicks before sharpening and to shape and establish a basic edge and the 6000 grit water stone is for removing burrs, polishing and honing.

Knife Sharpening Guide
The knife sharpening guide is used in conjunction with a water or diamond stone, seating the knife at the correct angle to create a mirror finish, razor sharp edge. Free hand sharpening can lead to an inconsistent finish across the bevel resulting in a lack of sharpness. The guide clips on to the back of the knife blade and by raising it slightly presents the cutting edge at an angle to the sharpening stone. The knife can then be sharpened in full confidence that it is being honed to the correct cutting angle. The guide can be used with any length of blade and can be repositioned along the blade when working on long fish or meat knives. The honing guide is made from a hard wearing, no-mar polymer and will travel over the surface of the sharpening stone without causing damage.

Honing Guide
The honing guide sled allows for fast, consistent and accurate honing of wood chisels and plane irons. Precision CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminium the sliding carriage glides back and forth on a stainless steel bar, travelling through a housing which features 50 micro ball-bearings, ensuring a smooth, effortless movement with no lateral play. The head uses a clamping bar that registers on the face of the blade and accepts flat and tapered blades up to 9mm thick and 52mm wide. A series of parallel lines are etched onto the head to ensure the chisel or plane iron sits square to the jig. You can lock-off the head at your desired honing angle anywhere from 10-60° using an Allen key or as favoured by most, you can leave the head unlocked and simply copy the existing angle of the blade edge. The base of the jig accepts water stones from 160mm to 200mm in length and up to 80mm in width, held in position using the aluminium clamping block. This sled, unlike a traditional hand held honing guide eliminates any lateral or longitudinal play, allowing the blade to smoothly, consistently and accurately move over the sharpening stone.

Diamond Flattening Stone
Water stones need to be perfectly flat to produce the finest sharpening results. This diamond flattening stone allows you to maintain your sharpening stones as true and as flat as possible. It can be used on all grades of water stones and features a high-quality diamond abrasive that allows for fast removal of material. The diamond plate is double sided and is held in position by two powerful rare earth magnets. The 220 grit diamond quickly removes material to flatten your stone and then the 360 grit diamond produces an extremely smooth finish. The integrated spirit level on top of the housing allows you to gauge the flatness of your water stone. A series of perforations on the diamond plate virtually eliminate clogging as they create reservoirs for the swarf to sit in, which is then periodically washed away. This flattening stone is essential to ensure you achieve the best possible sharpening results every time.©
  • BrandRutlands®
  • Product CodeR7539
  • Water Stone Grit1000/6000
  • Waterstone Dimensions200mm x 80mm x 30mm
  • Water Stone Weight1000g
  • Honing Guide Sled Length Capacity160mm to 200mm
  • Honing Guide Sled Width Capacity0mm to 80mm
  • Honing Guide Sled Max Blade52mm x 9mm
  • Diamond Flattening Stone Plate Size110mm x 55mm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Antonia P.
This is an excellent kit with a honing

This is an excellent kit with a honing sled made in heaven! It has all you need to keep all of your edges glinty keen. But that sled though! It is built so well it will be here long after I am gone. I wonder who I will leave it to in my will? Once again.. excellent tools from an excellent company. Rutlands. Now..what can I find that needs sharpening?.........

Duncan A.
I bought this kit in a "drop" and I think I got so...

I bought this kit in a "drop" and I think I got some real bang for my buck. I spent my "saving" on getting a coarse Diamond Stone that means I can address chips and dinks that require more metal to be removed but still fit in the honing sled.It is a well thought out package with the flattening stone and the reservoir/stand that the Waterstone sits in. The knife guide works well.The honing guide is a thing of beauty. The way it has been thought out, works and looks is really well executed. It also seems less fiddly than the Veritas guides or Axminster guides which I also looked at. And simplicity appeals to a relative novice like me. Maybe they could have bundle a hex key in to lock the holder but that is not a huge de-merit.The YouTube Video is a bit thin to be honest. I think Axminster do a better job on education but the Rutland house style is different.Overall this tool package is worth looking at.

Jim A.
This whole kit is great for the price...

This whole kit is great for the price. I'm a hobbyist but wanted the 6000 grit stone, which didn't come with the 'Home and Workshop' version of this kit, for getting a secondary bevel on my plane iron. I can definitely attest to the quality of the honing guide. It's built well and the sliding action is buttery smooth. I would have appreciated a little more information about how to set it up properly, to get the right angles on the plane iron, but I muddled my way through and ended up with a great, even grind. The waterstones didn't come flat but the flattening stone soon sorted that out. I think the best thing about this kit is the addition of the flattening stone. I looked at getting a similar, two sided waterstone from Axminster but would have needed to buy a flattening plate, which was £200! The addition of the flattening stone here makes this kit well worth the money for beginners. All in all, for the money this is a good investment. I haven't tried sharpening my chisels on it yet but am looking forward to using it again.

Bob R.
At last, I can put a razor range on my knives, bur...

At last, I can put a razor range on my knives, buried beneath a ton of junk left by my late wife in my workshop is a pair of Japanese water stones, but as it is going to be some time before I can access them I have purchased the Premium Japanese Water Stone Kit, which means that not only can I put a very good edge on chisels, but all the knives I use in the gastronomic preparation of food will slice through without any effort. Many people do not realise that the sharper the knife the safer it is to use. Hypothetically I should be able to put a samurai sword like edge on most things that I use on a daily basis!

Richard O.
This kit is really well thought out, it contains e...

This kit is really well thought out, it contains everything you need for professional quality results. Each component is up to the usual high standards you come to expect from Rutlands, I especially like the sliding sled, it is incredibly smooth to use and really helps with results. I use the sled to sharpen my plane blades and chisels and then sharpen my Japanese kitchen knives using the handy knife guide.

Japanese Water Stone Kit - Cabinetmaker

Fast, consistent honing

Ensures precise shaping and sharpening of fine edge woodworking tools, knives and scissors.

Japanese Water Stone Kit - Cabinetmaker

Japanese Water Stone Kit - Cabinetmaker

Japanese Water Stone Kit - Cabinetmaker

Japanese Water Stone Kit - Cabinetmaker

Japanese Water Stone Kit - Cabinetmaker

Japanese Water Stone Kit - Cabinetmaker

Japanese Water Stone Kit - Cabinetmaker