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Pocket Hole Jig - Triple

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This steel triple pocket hole jig can be used with all three holes on one joint for maximum joint strength, the two outer holes for a conventional pocket hole joint, or alternatively you can use two adjacent holes to make a pocket hole joint on narrow stock.
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Pocket Hole Jig - Triple
Regular price £100.00
Regular price £0.00Sale price £100.00
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Triple bushing design provides perfect pocket hole placement in wide or narrow stock
  • Tool steel drill block eliminates wear and play, for a true and consistent drilling line
  • Simply position the jig body along the scale, matching the stock thickness
  • Integrated vacuum port for optimum dust removal and improved drilling performance
  • Ready to use, supplied with drill and driver bits, depth stop, screws and plugs
This pocket hole jig is quite exceptional, both in terms of its design and of build quality. It is the only pocket hole jig that features a triple bored drill block, which is made from machined tool-steel, that is ultra precise and abrasion resistant. Unlike conventional jigs that require threaded steel inserts to guide the drill bit, this jig does not need inserts and as such drilling is more precise. As the drilling block is made from an abrasion resistant tool-steel the three holes will not wear over time, resulting in consistent angled drilling year after year. With this triple pocket hole jig you can use all three pocket holes on one joint for maximum joint strength, or you can use the two outer holes to make a conventional pocket hole joint. Alternatively, you can use the two side by side holes to make a pocket hole joint on narrow stock. You can space the between centre hole distances at 15mm, 20mm or 35mm.

The work clamp is easily applied using the large lever, and you can vary the clamping pressure subject to the density of your wood to prevent damage or crushing of the timber fibres. The rubber face of the clamp features a ribbed design, which strengthens the grip on the workpiece without causing surface damage. A series of four holes in the base allow you to mount the jig directly to your work bench for maximum stability. A vacuum port held in position by four rare earth magnets offers effective dust removal and improved drilling performance when connected to a vacuum. A 38mm diameter x 60° dust hose coupling fitting allows you to connect to industry standard dust hoses.

Set up is incredibly simple. To set the height of the drilling block you measure the width of your wood and then raise the drill block by the width of the wood, using the graduated metric scale machined on the side of the drilling block. The scale reads from 12mm through to 45mm. This kit contains the jig, 2 x HSS stepped drill bits, depth collar, square driver bit, pozi driver bit, a selection of coloured plugs, a magnetic vacuum port and 60° hose coupling. This is our premium performance triple pocket hole jig, beautifully finished in black electro-coating. ©
  • BrandRutlands®
  • Product CodeR6043
  • Dimensions280mm x 106mm x 60mm
  • Minimum Wood Thickness12.7mm
  • Maximum Wood Thickness45mm
  • Bit Length180mm
  • Bit Diameter9mm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
The product itself is excellent and will last

The product itself is excellent and will last a very long time. The dust extraction is nearly perfect which means no cleaning up afterwards.Once the drill depth is set up correctly the results are perfect and repeatable, it made light work of the wardrobes I am building with it all done in an hour, my old compact jig took just as long for 4 holes! A spacing guide would massively help with initial set up though.Marked down due to product description being incomplete. Unlike other pocket hole jigs, this uses a 9mm drill bit, not the more standard 9.5mm drill bit. If you have any existing pocket hole screws, they will not fit when this jig is used, I ended up using self tapping wood screws which worked very well so the smaller hole is not a big issue, just annoying it isn't mentioned.

Grant J.
Really solid jig...

Really solid jig. Upgrade from kreggR3. This is a meaty product and once installed into a base it makes pocket holes a breeze. The supplied bits seemed sharper than the kreg ones and left nice clean holes. The dust collection port is amazing, pocket holes usually are a messy affair but I was able to get through a project with virtually zero dust Only thing missing is a depth stop adjustment for the bit. I fiddled for a while to get the right spacing of the stop collar, found a 50P coin about right if you place the drill tip resting on it and tighten the collar there, but would be nice

Prasad S.
Just received the bundle and oh boy, it says - I a...

Just received the bundle and oh boy, it says - I am a quality product. Have been adding Rutlands Tools to my arsenal for sometime now and this is a perfect addition to get cabinet doors and picture frames done in quick time. Raring to get going. Would blindly recommend this to anyone looking to upgrade from the made from plastic versions out there

Sam M.
I have used this daily for over a month now and th...

I have used this daily for over a month now and there is no sign on the bushes wearing away, because guess what, there are none to wear away. This was always a pet hate of mine with other jigs, if the quality was poor then the bushes would wear leading to a sloppily drilled hole. 5 star product for that reason alone.

Alan B.
Quality is evident as soon as the jig is taken out...

Quality is evident as soon as the jig is taken out of the box. It is very weighty and has a super smooth clamping mechanism. Nice array of bits and bobs such as plugs, screws and drivers to go with the jig to get started.

Pocket Hole Jig - Triple

A triple threat

Use 3 holes for an extra strong joint, 2 adjacent holes for narrow stock or 2 outer holes for a standard pocket hole joint.

Pocket Hole Jig - Triple

Pocket Hole Jig - Triple

Pocket Hole Jig - Triple

Pocket Hole Jig - Triple

Pocket Hole Jig - Triple

Pocket Hole Jig - Triple