Up to 900 nailings from one charge

Minimise downtime with an 18V Li-ion long life battery and quick charger


Fine finish nailing

Fires 18 gauge headless brad nails from 15mm to 32mm and 18 gauge staples from 15mm to 22mm


Compact balanced body

Allows for pinpoint nose placement, aided by an LED light that illuminates the exact nailing position


Anti-jam mechanism

Provides uninterrupted nailing and stapling


Adjustable impact

Fire into both soft and hardwoods, perfect for finish nailing applications, fixing mouldings, trim, picture frames, window beading and fine cabinet making


Low recoil levels

Smooth and controlled nailing, with the added benefit of a contact safety switch to prevent accidental firing


The new Premium Cordless 18V Finish Nailer & Stapler - 18g

Only £129.99