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200mm Japanese Combination Water Stone - 2000/10000

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These combination water stones are made from Corundum, a synthetic aluminium oxide abrasive, selected for its slow rate of wear, releasing fresh, sharp abrasive at a reduced rate. The abrasive particles break down and dull during sharpening, allowing you to move seamlessly from a coarse to a fine grit stone.
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200mm Japanese Combination Water Stone - 2000/10000
Regular price £50.00
Regular price £0.00Sale price £50.00
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • 2,000 grit for refining a basic edge, 10,000 grit for polishing to a mirror finish
  • Aluminium oxide abrasive sharpens the toughest alloys, such as A2 and M2 HSS
  • Strong bonds release new abrasive at a reduced rate, for longer lasting performance
  • Stone sits in a durable, non-slip polymer base for stability when sharpening
  • Fast and easy to use, simply immerse the stone in water and allow to soak
These are the largest water stones that we offer measuring 200mm in length by 80mm in width and 30mm in depth. The large surface area aids the sharpening performance, allows for the sharpening of wide plane blades and offers extra support for honing guides when sharpening chisels and knives. These Japanese combination water stones are man-made from Corundum, a synthetic aluminium oxide abrasive, set in a resin bond. Combination stones consist of two stones of different grits which are machine-fused together to create a permanent joint, allowing you to rotate the stones to select the most appropriate grit. The finish that you achieve with a water stone is an amalgamation of the particle size, durability of the abrasive and the resin bond strength. These water stones have a medium strength bond and wear relatively slowly, releasing fresh, sharp abrasive at a reduced rate in comparison to stones with weaker bonds that release abrasive at higher rates and wear down more quickly.

The water stone formulation is excellent for sharpening O1 general tool steel, a steel commonly used to make knives, and are fast cutting when sharpening tough alloys such as A2 and M2 high speed steels which are used to manufacture chisels, plane irons, turning and carving tools. You simply immerse the stones in water and allow to soak for 3 to 5 minutes, at which point they are ready for use. It is important to ensure the water stone retains moisture during the sharpening process.

The fresh abrasive particles break down and dull during the sharpening process, creating progressively finer grits, allowing you to move seamlessly from a coarse grit stone, to a medium grit stone to a fine grit stone. After use leave the water stone to dry out naturally, before using a diamond flattening stone to re-level the face of the water stone. These combination stones sit in a polymer base which has four no-mar rubber feet to prevent the stone from wandering during the sharpening process whilst protecting the work surface from scratching. These combination stones come with a 60mm x 20mm wide mini-flattening stone for reshaping the surface of the stone.

This combination water stone is 2000 grit and 10,000 grit. The 2000 grit stone is used to refine and sharpen the edge of knives and fine edge tools and the 10,000 grit water stone is an ultra fine grain stone for final polishing and adding a mirror finish. ©
  • BrandRutlands®
  • Product CodeR7509
  • Length200mm
  • Width80mm
  • Depth30mm
  • Weight1000g

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Edward T.
Great product...

Great product. Really happy with this addition to my stones. Awesome service as well.

Paul K.
Great value water stone...

Great value water stone. I have number of other water stones purchased from Rutlands which have performed well. The 10,000 grit stone produces a mirror finish that ensures chisels and planes used for fine woodworking slice through the wood.

Fast turnaround by Rutlands, and the Royal Mail ac...

Fast turnaround by Rutlands, and the Royal Mail actually delivered fast, rather than their usual 3-5 days, so got this the next day. Thank you, Rutlands :0)Have just opened the delivery and am looking forward to getting my block plane blade super sharp.Some comments on what I found when unpacking:The stone itself nestles in a plastic carrier tray and I think this is meant to sit firmly in the larger undertray which will catch any water runoff. However when I opened the packaging the carrier tray was loose in the undertray. I didn't realise this was wrong until I found a small piece of broken off plastic from the end of the carrier tray. I reckon with the mass of the stone in the carrier, some jarring during transport snapped off this little piece so the carrier now slops about. No great issue, but maybe a bit of a design flaw here?Also, the stone sits very snuggly in the plastic carrier, wedged between small rubber buffers. It was difficult at first to remove the stone (to access the other face/grit), so I gently eased it out. As I did so, two small flakes dropped off the face of the 10000 grit stone at two corners, each flake approx. 10mm across x 2mm thick. Again no great issue as they are only on the corners, but was this because I *gently* eased the stone out or did it occur during transit? The more I think about this as I write, the more I'm thinking perhaps my package got dropped or tossed around in transit. But hey I can live with this. The packaging from Rutlands appeared to be appropriate for the purpose, but I think maybe the supplier needs to make some minor adjustments to their design to account for some rough handling during posting.One final thought...It comes with an oblong course stone to flatten the main stone after each use (see pics on main page), however its length is maybe 1cm shorter than the main stone is wide. I would have thought it better to have the flattening stone a little longer than the width of the main stone, to make it easier to get an even flatness across the main stone...or maybe I've missed the point somewhere(?).Anyway, despite the above I'm hoping there'll be no problems when I first use this to sharpen my tools this weekend.

200mm Japanese Combination Water Stone - 2000/10000

200mm Japanese Combination Water Stone - 2000/10000

200mm Japanese Combination Water Stone - 2000/10000