Bench Nozzle and Hose Kit
Bench Nozzle and Hose Kit
Bench Nozzle and Hose Kit
Bench Nozzle and Hose Kit
Bench Nozzle and Hose Kit
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Bench Nozzle and Hose Kit

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Designed for cleaning floors, workbenches and machine tables, the kink proof dust hose extends to 6000mm, providing excellent reach around the workshop. Stiff nylon brushes at the working end dislodge stubborn dust for fast, efficient workshop cleaning.
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Bench Nozzle and Hose Kit
Regular price £100.00
Regular price £0.00Sale price £100.00
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Stretch dust hose, bench dust nozzle and 5 keyed dust hose clamps
  • Ideal for cleaning floors, benches and machine tables
  • Space saving dust hose extends from 1000mm to 6000mm
  • High-grade PVC hose is kink proof, puncture proof and abrasion resistant
  • Stiff nylon nozzle brushes quickly dislodge stubborn dust
This dust collection kit contains a 102mm diameter dust hose that stretches from 1m to 6m, a bench dust nozzle and 5 keyed dust hose clamps.

The 102mm premium stretch dust hose extends from 1000mm when retracted to 6000mm when fully expanded and features a helical spring-steel wire that makes the hose extremely flexible, with a very small bending radius. Kink proof, the hose is made from a 0.7mm high-grade PVC, which is puncture, abrasion and chemical resistant. The smooth, low friction inner surface offers improved material flow and reduced turbulence to prevent dust build up and clogging when working with high dust out-put machines such as planer thicknessers, bench saws, router tables and woodturning lathes.

The hose is transparent to allow for any obstruction to be spotted instantly, is UV resistant and will remain flexible in the coldest of workshops down to -40°C. The inner diameter of the hose is 102mm for connecting to industry standard 100mm outside diameter dust hose fittings and machine ports. As well as for coupling machines to extractors, this stretch hose with its 6000mm extra-long length is commonly used to connect to a floor sweep or brush head for cleaning up the workshop floor, benches and machinery. With a compressibility ratio of 7:1, this hose is both space saving, easy to store, and won't become a trip hazard in a busy workshop.

The bench dust nozzle is consistently our most popular dust hose fitting and is used for cleaning workshop floors, workbench tops and power tool & machine tables. The 100mm outside diameter port connects to industry standard 102mm dust hoses and the large handle can be angled for maximum efficiency. Stiff nylon brushes at the working end dislodge stubborn dust and with an overall length of 500mm minimal bending is needed when cleaning the shop floor. The mouth measures 150mm in width by 70mm in depth and creates an excellent vacuum for fast and efficient workshop cleaning.

This hose fitting is made from a thermoplastic polymer, which is impact resistant, has structural strength and stiffness, and will not flex or distort under pressure. It has excellent low temperature properties and will perform in extremely cold workshops down to -40°C. The internal bore is smooth to ensure the smooth passage of dust. As all of our fittings are made to exacting and tight tolerances to prevent air loss, a top tip is to use a washing up liquid as a lubricant when initially installing.

The key dust hose clamps feature a large, integral, butterfly key that lets you quickly tighten or release the clamp from an industry standard 102mm dust hose without the need for a screwdriver or spanner. The steel band is coated to prevent it from rusting in the workshop and they are far easier to use than conventional clamps in the event a blockage occurs and you need quick access to the hose. Supplied as a pack of 5 these key dust hose clamps have a maximum opening capacity of 120mm. ©
  • BrandRutlands®
  • Product CodeR8570
  • Nozzle Mouth150mm x 70mm
  • Hose Internal Diameter102mm
  • Hose Expanded Length6000mm
  • Hose Compressed Length1000mm
  • Hose MaterialHigh Grade PVC
  • Hose Wall Thickness0.7mm
  • Hose SpiralSpring Steel Wire
  • Hose ThreadLeft Hand

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Henry T.
The bristles protect the surface and are short eno...

The bristles protect the surface and are short enough to still get great suction during use. The stretch hose is perfect for cleaning around the shop, and after use returns to its 1m length for storage.

Dayle P.
Couldn't be happier, excellent quality hose, exact...

Couldn't be happier, excellent quality hose, exactly what i wanted in my work shop, bends very easily spot on.

Rob W.
A very good product...

A very good product. The hose is extremely flexible with a very good contraction back to 1M. It easily expands so I can reach a lot of my workshop in 1 go. The handled and bristled end is very good, does not get stuck to the floor because of the bristles which also are useful for getting into nooks and crannies. Very useful

Paul S.
Excellent product...

Excellent product. Bought this to replace a rather stiff one that came with the dust extractor, not only is it a lot more flexible, saves a whole lot of space to. Easily swaps from tool to tool with adapters and the dust nozzle is brilliant at cleaning down the bench. SUPERB.


Hose is very flexible and does retract into a relatively small size. It's still a long, heavy hose so not like you can breeze around the workshop hoovering up without lifting and wrangling it a fair bit. It also flops around a lot so to stash it in a small size it has to be contained - you can't hang it over a hook and expect it to stay 1 metre long! Overall, very expensive for the benefits - wait for a price drop!

Bench Nozzle and Hose Kit

Bench Nozzle and Hose Kit

Bench Nozzle and Hose Kit