Plunge Saw with Guide Rail
Plunge Saw with Guide Rail
Plunge Saw with Guide Rail
Plunge Saw with Guide Rail
Plunge Saw with Guide Rail
Plunge Saw with Guide Rail
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Plunge Saw with Guide Rail

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With an extremely smooth plunge mechanism and dual height depth stop, this 1400w plunge saw provides high quality, accurate cuts along the 1.4 metre aluminium guide rail. Both the body and base are engineered from precision die castings for strength and accuracy and can be tilted through 45° in 1° increments.
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Plunge Saw with Guide Rail
Regular price £180.00
Regular price £0.00Sale price £180.00
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Powerful 1400w high torque motor ensures consistent rotational speed under load
  • Smooth, controlled plunge mechanism with dual height depth stop
  • Depth of cut 52mm at 90° and 37mm at 45°, for precise bevel cutting
  • Hardened aluminium rails with full length splinter guards ensure a feather free finish
  • Supplied with 165mm TCT blade, 2 x 700mm guide rails, connector bars and clamps
This 1400W plunge saw provides a high quality of cut with no splintering or tear out and comes with a 1.4 metre guide rail allowing for long and accurate cuts. Unlike a regular circular saw, this plunge saw can be fed at the start of the material or can be plunged directly into the workpiece to a predetermined depth, making it ideal for sawing sheet material and cutting worktops for sinks and hobs. The plunge mechanism is extremely smooth and features a dual height depth stop. When pressed down, the blade plunges from within the guard into the material, making it inherently safer to use.

The aluminium guide rails are ribbed for strength and are 190mm in width resulting in excellent stability. The rails feature two full length rubber strips to protect the workpiece from damage and increase friction to prevent movement. A third rubber strip on the edge of the rail acts as a splinter guard to ensure a feather free finish. Two micro adjustment dials minimise play between the guide rail and the saw, to ensure the saw glides accurately and smoothly along the rail.

The 165mm TCT blade can be tilted through 45° in 1° increments allowing for 52mm depth of cut at 90° and 37mm at 45°. Both the body and base of the saw are made from precision die castings for strength and resultant accuracy.

This plunge saw comes with 2 x 700mm guide rails, rail connectors and rail clamps. Additional guide rails are available to increase the sawing capacity to 2.8m for the trimming and sawing of large sheets.

This is an excellent fine finish plunge cut saw that we can highly recommend for sawing composite sheets, trimming kitchen and cabinet doors, sawing skirting and architrave and all other general sawing operations. ©
  • BrandRutlands®
  • Product CodeR1608
  • Voltage230V
  • Power1400W
  • Weight7.8kg
  • No Load Speed5,200rpm
  • Depth of Cut (at 90 deg with rail)52mm
  • Depth of Cut (at 45° with rail)37mm
  • Depth of Cut (at 90° without rail)57mm
  • Depth of Cut (at 45° without rail)42mm
  • Blade165mm x 24T
  • Bore Diameter20mm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Ben L.
Excellent plunge saw

Bought this as my first plunge saw, it is a great piece of kit and will always recommend to anyone looking to buy this product.

Craig A.T.
Excellent for the price

Great tool - delivered quickly and no damage to packaging. The only negative in use was the noise - a bit loud so ear defenders a must, particularly if used indoors. The cut using the supplied blade was excellent. First use defines the cut line on the rails for subsequent accuracy. Easy to use. No complaints and would recommend is you're looking for a budget tool - like me.

Steven L.
Excllent Quality

Great purchase would highly recommend good quality build.

Plunge Saw with 1.4m guide rail.

I'm a DIYer and this was my first track saw. After shopping around I decided to take the plunge (no pun intended) and I coulent be happier. Is easy to use, cuts cleanly both along and across the grain. Another great product from Rutlands.

Mike J.
I bought this a few weeks ago when

I bought this a few weeks ago when it was the Rutlands daily offer at 100, knowing I had a use for it in the near future. Now I have used it I can write a review based on experience.I've just cut some 30mm thick pitch pine, along the grain. This saw was excellent for the job - square cut out of the box and, with the supplied 24tpi blade, quite a clean cut too. (I did several passes to get through the depth of wood!) The depth-stop adjustment was very useful; I haven't tried an angled cut yet so can't comment on that.I used clamps to secure the guide track, which did the job well enough though were basic and flexed a bit when tightened up.I'll need to cut the same material across the grain soon so I'll swap the blade for one with a higher tpi count, hoping for a clean cut with reduced finishing required afterwards.I did hook up my dust-estractor/vac unit, which dealt with much of the sawdust, and I taped over the 'window' by the blade, but still had quite a bit of debris ejected from the front of the unit. But maybe that's just the nature of circular saws and not really a negative comment on this one!Why four stars instead of five? The two 700mm lengths of guide track locked together well (and straight), but I'd prefer a longer length without the join. I can see myself buying another brand's longer compatible track at some stage. I also found the instructions relatively basic, though it was fairly easy to work out the adjustments etc. There was no clear guidance on the need to trim the splinter guard before using the saw on a job, thankfully I was already aware this should be done.All in all a useful tool that does the job pretty well for a DIYer / hobbyist like me. If I were to make more regular use of the tool or use it in a professional capacity I might have looked at other makes higher up the s scale, but for me, at the offer price (or even at the list price), this was definitely well worth buying and I'm sure will get good use.

Plunge Saw with Guide Rail

Smooth, straight cuts

The powerful 1400w high torque motor maintains consistent rotational speed under load, achieving a fine finish with no tear out.

Plunge Saw with Guide Rail

Plunge Saw with Guide Rail

Plunge Saw with Guide Rail