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Short Auger Bit

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For precise, deep drilling in tight and confined spaces, in both hard and soft woods. Engineered with precision cutting geometry, the threaded tips pull each bit through the wood, leaving a clean finish without clogging.
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Short Auger Bit
Regular price From £9.00
Regular price £0.00Sale price From £9.00
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Extremely hard wearing, retaining hardness over prolonged use
  • Precise cutting geometry ensures clean and accurate entry and exit holes
  • Threaded centre point pulls the bit through the wood, reducing the pressure required
  • Deep flutes allow fast chip removal, to prevent clogging
  • Hexagonal shank sits securely in the chuck, and will not slip under load
These short auger bits are perfect for quickly and accurately drilling deep holes in thicker stock when you are working in small areas, their compact size means they can be used in tight and confined spaces. They can be used in either electric or manual hand drills and are designed to be used on softwoods and hardwoods. The precise cutting geometry, a single cutting spur on the perimeter and a chisel like main cutter ensures accurate, clean holes while minimizing tearout on entry and exit of the hole. The cutting spur sits fractionally above the main cutter to ensure the bit enters the wood cleanly without tearing the wood fibres, the main cutter then follows to remove the material quickly to avoid the build-up of heat. The bits feature a threaded centre point which pulls the bit through the wood meaning minimal force is needed for the bit to work at full capacity. The deep flute allows fast chip removal to prevent clogging when drilling deeper holes.

The auger bits are made from high carbon steel which has been hardened to ensure a long service life and give the bits impressive cutting properties when compared to traditional steel auger bits. The bits have been fully ground to give precise concentricity to ensure a highly accurate hole. The quick change ¼" hex shank is compatible with all ¼" hex shank quick change systems, it will ensure a secure hold that will not slip inside the chuck during use. These short auger bits are normally used at low speeds between 400 and 1000rpm to prevent the wood from scorching. The speed depends on size, with the larger diameter bits being used at lower speeds. These bits are certified to ensure the dimensional accuracy of the hole and are available in 6mm to 26mm diameters in 2mm increments. The overall length of the bits range from 110mm to 130mm with a flute length of 70mm. ©

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Do what they say on the tin they drill clean, deep...

Do what they say on the tin they drill clean, deep holes. Great for working in confined spaces like kitchen cabinets or cubby holes.

Short Auger Bit

Short Auger Bit

Short Auger Bit