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Vacuum Clamp Set

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This versatile clamp system runs off any small workshop compressor, using the Venturi effect to generate an impressive clamping force of 1500N, whilst providing unobstructed access to your work. Clamping pods can be used independently or together, configured with rubber gaskets, to suit workpieces big or small.
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Vacuum Clamp Set
Regular price £100.00
Regular price £0.00Sale price £100.00
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Class leading clamping force of 1500N, for rock solid work holding
  • Secures the workpiece from below, to route, sand or plane without obstruction
  • Clamping pods can be used independently or together, for small or large projects
  • Mountable to the top or side of a workbench, for horizontal or vertical clamping
  • Runs off any small workshop compressor operating at 80 psi
Vacuum clamp systems are extremely efficient as they give you unobstructed access to your work and the suction can be instantly applied or released by simply sliding a lever. Each clamping pod will clamp and hold any non porous, smooth surfaced workpiece with incredible clamping force, allowing you to route, sand, plane or drill without obstruction.

Designed specifically for woodworking this clamp system runs off any small workshop compressor, using the Venturi effect to create a vacuum. The set consists of two clamping pods, each measuring 160mm x 160mm, clamping gaskets, 1500mm of 6mm tubing, T joint and a quick release connector with on/off lever. The clamping pods can either be mounted to the top of your workbench for horizontal clamping or to the side of the bench for vertical clamping. The clamping pods can be used independently for standard size workpieces or together for long or very large workpieces. The surface of each pod is divided into 9 sections, allowing you to configure the gaskets to suit the size of workpiece.

Using a small workshop compressor operating at 80 psi you will achieve an impressive clamping force of approximately 1500N. By placing a finger over the air valve on the side of each pod you can stop the suction in order to reposition your workpiece. When we tested this system out using one clamping pod we clamped and routed a 400mm x 400mm x 25mm piece of oak and experienced no workpiece movement. We then used two pods in line and sanded a 200mm x 1000mm board again without any workpiece movement. This is an excellent vacuum clamping system that allows for powerful clamping and unobstructed access to your work. Highly recommended. ©
  • BrandRutlands®
  • Product CodeR3123
  • Clamping Force1500N
  • Clamping Pod Size160mm x 160mm
  • Tube Outside Diameter6.5mm
  • Tube Length1500mm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Paul H.
Very happy with this...

Very happy with this. Works extremely well with my Hyundai compressor. I know some have said that they didn't realise the compressor needed to be on the whole time, but I don't find this an issue. The jig makes dealing with panels (where clamps would otherwise get in the way or need moving constantly) very simple and obstruction free. Have made a base-board to be able to move and secure the vacuum units as required. Tempted buy 2 more shortly.

David J.
I bought a set of these vacuum clamps when I was i...

I bought a set of these vacuum clamps when I was in Canada last year as at the time they were not available in the UK. Without doubt they are my most frequently used clamp in the workshop as the set up time in seconds. I have two screwed to my Sjoberg bench, one to the far right and one to the far left of the worktop. If I am planning, sanding or routing smaller workpieces I use just in clamp and if I am working on longer boards I use both simultaneously. I have a small 8 litre Nu Air compressor hooked up which more than does the job. The clamping strength is incredible, you struggle to pull of the boards unless you cut the sir supply. Brilliant for sanding as you don't have any obstruction, so you don't need to reset your clamp. My advice to any woodworker is buy a set, they will make your workshop life so much faster and easier. Brilliant tool.

Paul S.
I collected this vacuum clamp set from Rutlands la...

I collected this vacuum clamp set from Rutlands last week as soon as they were launched. I'm really happy with the performance. They are very powerful and clamp your wood rigidly in place. Great for routing, as the work piece is totally free of obstruction, so you don't have to have multiple clamp ups to finish a job. Such a clever concept that I have never seen before.

Tim G.
Ignorance is bliss...

Ignorance is bliss...... but i for one had not realised the compressor has to run constantly while using this (my compressor is a silent one but still!..... and it obviously uses electric and racks up wear-and-tear on your compressor, too)..... i also really struggled to find the "quick-fit 1/4" bsp fitting" to hook it up to my hitachi compressor- fortunately Pirtek took pity on me and modified the fitting but why don't they include an adaptor in the box?!?!?it does seem to do the job, though'.... so i am keeping it for the odd job where it will come into its own but i can't imagine using it on a daily basis

Vacuum Clamp Set

Work unobstructed

Grip is applied from below, allowing long continuous passes over the workpiece without repositioning clamps.

Vacuum Clamp Set

Vacuum Clamp Set

Vacuum Clamp Set

Vacuum Clamp Set

Vacuum Clamp Set

Vacuum Clamp Set