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Phenolic Hinge Jig

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Engineered from solid grade, high-performance phenolic, this jig is designed routing hinge recesses on doors of all shapes and sizes. Precision CNC machine cut, the jig removes the need for readjustments, transferring from door to frame for quick and accurate results every time.
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Phenolic Hinge Jig
Regular price $135.00
Regular price Sale price $135.00
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Suitable for all doors, and fully adjustable for hinges 50-127mm long and 6.5-35mm wide
  • Set up for the door then transfer to the frame without any further adjustment needed
  • No bradawls or securing screws required - leaving the door and frame mark free
  • CNC machined to +/- 0.02mm accuracy with laser-engraved instructions on the surface
  • Exceptional dimensional stability and warp resistance; totally resistant to moisture
This hinge jig is engineered from solid grade, high-performance premium phenolic known for its exceptional strength, stability and warp resistance - as well as being totally water and liquid resistant. Budget jigs made from laminated composite can warp and lose stability due to moisture absorption and temperature change leading to inaccurate cuts. The extremely durable, anti-friction phenolic allows your router to glide smoothly through the cut without snagging. Inferior jigs made from less durable composite material can wear over time leading to imperfections in the surface and inaccurate cuts.

This phenolic hinge jig is suitable for routing recesses for fitting hinges on all doors, the adjustable sliding plate enables use with hinges 50mm-127mm long and 6.5mm-35mm wide. The jig is lightweight whilst maintaining exceptional strength and warp resistance meaning it is accurate, reliable and easy to use, with a very quick set up time. Unlike alternatives this premium hinge jig has an end stop that accounts for the gap between door and frame meaning once set up for the door it can be transferred to the frame without any need for further adjustment - maximizing speed and efficiency of the job.

Precision CNC machine cut with +/- 0.02mm accuracy it will ensure you achieve precise cuts and measurements every time. Laser-engraved labels and markings make measuring and setting up especially easy and the supplied clamping plate means you can easily clamp the jig in place without the need for bradawls or screws - this leaves both your door and frame free from unnecessary marks. The engravings are cut into the phenolic surface meaning they will not wear under constant friction from the router - providing long lasting clarity. A comprehensive user manual is also included. To use this jig you will need a 1/2" hand router, router bit (diameter: 12mm - straight with end cutting), 16mm guide bush, clamps and a Philips screwdriver.

Achieve consistent and precise hinges fittings every time from a jig that is moisture and warp resistant.©
  • BrandRutlands®
  • Product CodeR5071
  • Dimensions470mm x 85mm x 12mm
  • Weight2.25kg
  • Hinge Lengths50mm-127mm
  • Hinge Widths6.5mm-35mm

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Phenolic Hinge Jig

No readjustments needed

Set up for the door then transfer to the frame without any further adjustment needed - quick and accurate results every time.

Phenolic Hinge Jig

Phenolic Hinge Jig

Phenolic Hinge Jig

Phenolic Hinge Jig