Table Saw, front facing angle
Table Saw, front facing angle
Table Saw - 255mm
Table Saw - 255mm
Table Saw - 255mm
Table Saw - 255mm
Table Saw - 255mm
Table Saw - 255mm
Table Saw - 255mm
Table Saw - 255mm
Table Saw - 255mm
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Table Saw - 255mm

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The Rutlands® table saw features a large, cast aluminium table top with an anti-friction coating. The full-length rip fence locks at both the front and rear of the table and has a torsion lever which prevents the fence creeping when sawing. Two rack and pinion fence rails ensure that the rip fence stays parallel to the blade.
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Table Saw - 255mm
Regular price £295.00
Regular price £0.00Sale price £295.00
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Large, cast aluminium table top with an anti-friction coating
  • Full-length rip fence locks at both the front and rear of the table
  • Torsion lever prevents the fence creeping when sawing large workpieces
  • Rack and pinion fence rails ensure that the rip fence stays parallel to the blade
  • Blade can be micro-adjusted so that it is always parallel to the rip fence and mitre slot
  • All blade adjustments are made from one centrally located knob

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The Rutlands® table saw features a large, cast aluminium table top with an anti-friction coating to ensure fast and smooth movement of the workpiece. The full-length aluminium rip fence locks at both the front and rear of the table and has the additional advantage of a torsion lever to ensure maximum clamping strength, which prevents the fence creeping when sawing large workpieces. The blade can be micro-adjusted so that it is always parallel to the rip fence and mitre slot.

Two rack and pinion fence rails ensure that the rip fence stays parallel to the blade, allowing for a maximum ripping capacity of 625mm. The hinged sub-fence can be laid flat to form a low fence for safe cutting of thin workpieces. All blade adjustments are made from a centrally located knob, which allows for quick and easy tilting of the blade and height adjustment with just one hand. Powered by a high torque 2000W motor, the saw is fitted with a 255mm, 24 tooth blade with 10° ATB carbide teeth suitable for general use on hardwood, softwood, and composite woods.

The maximum sawing depths are 85mm at 0° and 60mm at 45°. The mitre gauge, push stick, tool kit and power cable all have on-board storage for fast and easy accessibility. The no-volt release switch with safety stop prevents the saw from accidently re-starting after a power cut. A 63mm dust port allows for fast connection to industry standard dust hoses and extractors.

The table saw is easy to transport with its ergonomic handle and low weight of 22kg. The optional folding table has levelling feet for when working on uneven floor surfaces and positions the saw at a comfortable table working height of 890mm. This is an excellent saw for home woodworking, furniture and cabinet making and first and second fix joinery. ©

  • BrandRutlands®
  • Product CodeR1618
  • Voltage230V
  • Power2000W
  • Weight22kg
  • No Load Speed5000rpm
  • TCT Blade255mm x 30mm x 2.8mm x 24T
  • Tilt Angle0°- 45°
  • Table Size575mm x 559mm x 41mm
  • Cutting Width with Rack and Pinion Rails 625mm
  • Cutting Height at 0° 85mm
  • Cutting Height at 45° 60mm
  • Dust Port Diameter63mm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Mike w.
Wow that's only word needed

This table saw came highly recommended to me and I have certainty not been disappointed. The fence is rock solid totally square and true out the box. Everything fantastic highly recommend buying this product

Claudius M.
Great Value

I bought this to replace an old DeWalt Flip Saw I had been struggling with for years.

Well this tool finally had enough!

The Rutlands table saw has been a revelation. ACCURATE cuts every time with the rack and pinion design at both ends of the guide rail, ala DeWalt design.
Locking tilt mechanism with stops at both ends of the range, mean repeatability is easy for 0 and 90 degree cuts. Nice flat base.
It has a very powerful motor, but despite this its comparitively light to carry about.
Very wide capacity of cut, comparible with the larger DeWalt offering, but the Rutlands is much smaller in size despite this, and with it being so light it is very portable.

I had actually ordered the Larger DeWalt Table Saw before purchasing the Rutlands. Unfortunalty the DeWalt arrived with transit damage to one the racks used for the parallel fence. One of the alignment pins had somehow bin punched (I found a matching round hole in the boxing) damaging the pin and warping the rack rail just at the worst position, and there were other points of damage in different locations. I had the choice of a replacement or a refund, and finally decided on a refund to purchase the Rutlands which was less than half the price.
Before reboxing I switched the machine on once to test the machine for loudness. And yes it was very, very loud.
The Rutlands is also very loud, but I think that the DeWalt was noticibly louder although I could not test them side by side.
It was a hard choice not to go for a replacement, the DeWalt was obviously a very high quality product, which I would happily have stayed with if not for the damage.

I had recently discovered the Rutlands via some YouTube vids and decided to take a punt. The Rutlands being less than half the price, smaller but with a similar capacity I hoped it would be lighter than the DeWalt which it very much turned out to be.

I would say that the DeWalt has the best build quality, I could imagine it lasting for decades and cutting accurately for its entire life. I think the Rutlands uses more plastic, but is much the lighter for that. And is obviously cheaper.
If I owned a proper workshop where I could keep a Table Saw in a fixed spot I would probably on balance choose the DeWalt. The newer DeWalt table saw designs being as good as the Flip Saw design were bad (in my opinion).
But for me in my circumstances I would opt for the Rutlands every time.
A good table saw is an absolute necessity, and after the flip saw its a joy to use the Rutlands every time. Particularly the parallel fence design. I almost want to laugh each time I use it, because of how accurate and easy it is to adjust.

The saw is accurate, well thought out, light and very powerful, ripping through stock without problems.

Another benefit of the Rutlands is that it has what seems to be a clever alignment mechanism for making the blade parallel to the guide slots. I have not needed to try this because the machine arrived setup completely accurate in this regard, as well as the 0 and 90 degree angle stops, and the parallel fence movement scale. But it was another reason I decided on the Rutlands.

My only gripe with the Rutlands was the discovery that the riving knife was not completely removable! Arggggg!
Again the Riving Knife came perfectly adjusted to the blade. And it has a very nice mechanism for releasing it enough, to adjust its height and then locking it back into position. BUT from factory it cannot be removed completely, which is essential for some operations and flexibilty in certain situations.
I can attest to the safety aspects of the Riving Knife, having once carelessly put my hand behind the spinning blade (on the flip saw, which did not have a Riving Knife, I had bought second hand), which caught the wood and pulled it through with my hand attached. I was very lucky not to lose the hand or any fingers but did suffer a nasty rip through the end of one finger, now fully healed with only some scarring.
Perhaps this is the reason the Rutlands does not allow removal and they have made it difficult to dismantle it so as to make modifications.
However I did finally find a way to cut the end of the Knife so as to make it removable, see attached image. Awkward cutting in situ, using a multitool and a quality carbide blade.
Now the riving knife can be fully removed and re-inserted with ease, just as accurately as before, unleashing the full potential of the table saw.
Having learned NEVER (with or without riving knife) to place my hands behind the blade during cutting operations, even in some tricky situations as a temp quick solution, I am now able to make FULL use of the saw.

I am absolutely delighted with the saw which came with a spare set of Bushes for the motor. It seems it is not possible to get spare parts for this machine, which seems a great shame, I wish it were. I just hope it lasts a long time, because its great and incredible value.

Mark J.

Great saw a great price, I am a new woodworker and did a lot of YouTube research on which table saw to buy. This one does everything a well known branded one would do for £600 less.

Mark G.
Table Saw Set Up

I spent all afternoon setting up and playing with the table saw. I must say I am very impressed with it, the fence is extremely stable, blade very good, the body is lightweight but feels strong, the wheel and fence lock is very good and love the rack and pinion fence, also very sturdy and secure.

A great piece of kit for the money, just as good as much dearer models I've used in the past. Would highly recommend.

The only slight niggle is the play in the parallel mitre slide, as there is a bit of slack in it. But I hardly ever use this any way so not a major issue for me.


Kuldip M.
Quality at a Great Price!

I recently purchased the Rutlands Table Saw - 255mm and I must say that I'm thoroughly impressed with it. This saw is built to last, with a sturdy and durable construction that can handle even the toughest of jobs. Despite its solid build, it's surprisingly lightweight, making it easy to move around and set up wherever you need it.

The assembly process was a breeze, and with a few quick checks to make sure everything was aligned, I was up and running in no time. The motor has plenty of power to cut through most woods with ease, and it's a joy to use.

Overall, I would highly recommend the Rutlands Table Saw - 255mm to anyone looking for a reliable and high-quality table saw. It's the perfect tool for any job, whether you're a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast. Don't hesitate to add this saw to your collection - you won't be disappointed!

Table Saw - 255mm

Precise parallel cuts

Full length rip fence locks at both the front and rear of the table

Table Saw - 255mm

Table Saw - 255mm

Table Saw - 255mm

Table Saw - 255mm

Table Saw - 255mm

Table Saw - 255mm

Table Saw - 255mm

Table Saw - 255mm