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R3 Lathe Variable Speed, Chuck and Tools - 355mm x 510mm

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With class-leading spindle concentricity, this lathe features exceptionally low levels of vibration and noise, even at maximum speed and under full load. Powered by a reversible, variable speed motor you can turn bowls up to 355mm and spindles up to 510mm. The precision engineered chuck offers superior performance combined with rock-solid holding power, whilst each cryogenically hardened turning tool holds an edge up to 5 times longer than conventionally hardened HSS.
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R3 Lathe Variable Speed, Chuck and Tools - 355mm x 510mm
Regular price $1,450.00
Regular price Sale price $1,450.00
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Larger turning capacity, for spindles up to 510mm and bowls up to 355mm
  • Powered by an ultra-quiet 750w high torque, DC brush motor
  • Electronic variable speed control to suit small, medium and large turnings
  • Class leading spindle concentricity, running on extra wide, sealed for life roller bearings
  • Precision 100 chuck kit and cryogenic HSS tools to get straight into turning
R3 Lathe Variable Speed - 355mm x 510mm
This premium performance lathe is favoured by both professional and discerning home woodturners, as it features class-leading levels of concentricity, electronic variable speed control, reverse action, an ultra quiet DC motor and a vibration dampening system. Weighing in at 57kg, the vibration level on this lathe is exceptionally low, due to the heavy duty grey iron castings which have the mass needed to dampen and absorb vibration. The castings are CNC machined to exacting tolerances to ensure perfect alignment of the headstock and tailstock and the bed is CNC machined and brush finished to allow for smooth movement of the banjo and tailstock.

The drive spindle is precisely aligned and runs in large roller bearings to ensure class-leading concentricity. The drive spindle has a M33 x 3.5mm thread with a No 2 morse taper to accept industry standard chucks and fitments. The tailstock has No 2 morse taper which is hollowed out to accept drill bits when turning lampstands that require electric cable to be passed through. You can turn bowls up to 355mm and spindles up to 510mm , which can be extended to 1120mm with the optional bed extension.

The lathe is powered by a high torque, DC brush motor which is whisper quiet in use, even at maximum speed and under full load. A non-slip poly V belt efficiently transmits power from the motor whilst the motor controller automatically increases the level of torque to maintain the speed, as load on the workpiece is increased. The step pulleys, in conjunction with the variable speed control results in three speed ranges of 250 to 720rpm, 600 to 1700rpm and 1200 to 3550rpm, enabling fine tuning of speed to suit delicate work, larger diameters and out of balance work pieces. The LED digital read-out of the spindle speed helps control your work and is positioned on the tailstock to offer perfect visibility. The reverse rotation is ideal for sanding and polishing when final finishing. This is a premium build lathe, which will give years of vibration free, quiet, powerful and controlled turning.

Precision 100 Woodturning Chuck
Precision engineered and beautifully balanced, it offers superior performance combined with rock-solid holding power and excellent load bearing capability. The chuck is specifically designed so the jaws cut into the wood to provide a class leading clamping force, unlike other woodturning chucks that use engineering jaw profiles which crush the wood fibres and do not grip the workpiece as securely.

This chuck is extremely strong and durable, as it is machined from a special grade of medium-tensile steel, which is normally used for the manufacture of high performance turbo impellors, pistons and gears. Using this steel allows for closer tolerances during the manufacturing process which results in excellent concentricity to minimize vibration and to ensure that a chatter-free, super fine finish can be achieved by the woodturner. The precision machined scroll mechanism and the high ratio gearing combine to ensure a strong grip irrespective of workpiece size. The four jaws open and close using a T-handled key, allowing for one handed operation, leaving one hand free to support and balance your workpiece when mounting and dis-mounting the workpiece.

The chuck kit contains the Precision 100 chuck body, 70mm dovetail jaws, 75mm face plate ring, 50mm pin jaws and a woodscrew chuck. This wide array of jaws allows for all popular turning projects including; spindles, bowls, goblets, candlesticks, pepper mills, pens and pencils and even turning unseasoned and green timber.

Cryogenic M2 HSS Woodturning Tools - Set of 6
This premium set of Cryogenic M2 HSS turning tools features six full-size tools allowing for the professional turning of both bowl and spindle projects including candlesticks, goblets, standard lamps, pepper pots, bowls, platters and pens. Beautifully presented in a wooden case, this set comprises of a 1" roughing gouge for taking the corners off square stock, to make it round, 3/4" oval skew chisel for creating a smooth cylindrical finish, 3/8" spindle gouge for adding detail, such as coves and beads, 1/8" diamond parting tool for cutting deep grooves or releasing finished work from a waste wood base, 1/2" bowl gouge for the hollowing out of goblets and bowls and a 3/4" square nose scraper to give perfectly flat bottoms to the insides of bowls.

These turning tools are made from M2 high-speed steel which has been cryogenically hardened, to ensure an extremely long service life. Cryogenic hardening is a technical process, where the steel is cooled down to -185°C after hardening, resulting in an edge that will last up to 5 times longer than conventionally hardened high-speed steel. ©
  • BrandRutlands®
  • Product CodeR2122
  • R3 Lathe
  • Voltage230V
  • Power750W
  • Dimensions1050mm x 400mm x 480mm
  • Weight57kg
  • Variable Speed Ranges3
  • Variable Speed Range250
  • Diameter Over Bed355mm
  • Distance Between Centres510mm
  • Distance Between Centres with Optional Bed Extension1120mm
  • Spindle ThreadM33 x 3.5mm
  • Taper HeadstockNo. 2 MT
  • Taper TailstockNo. 2 MT
  • Tailstock Barrel Travel70mm
  • Tool Rest Stem Diameter25.4mm
  • Tool Rest Length203mm
  • Precision 100 Woodturning Chuck Kit
  • Thread33mm x 3.5mm
  • Chuck Body Diameter95mm
  • Dovetail Jaws Compression Grip60mm to 40mm
  • Dovetail Jaws Expansion Grip55mm to 75mm
  • Pin Jaws Compression Grip30mm to 10mm
  • Pin Jaws Expansion Grip30mm to 50mm
  • Face Plate Ring75mm
  • Woodscrew Chuck40mm
  • Cryogenic M2 HSS Turning Tools
  • Handle Lengths320mm
  • Blade Lengths130mm to 220mm
  • Overall Lengths450 to 540mm
  • SteelM2 High-Speed Steel
  • HandleBeech
  • Rockwell HardnessHRC63-77
  • Roughing Gouge Blade Width1"
  • Roughing Gough Flute Width3/4"
  • Bowl Gouge Blade Width1/2"
  • Bowl Gouge Flute Width3/8"
  • Spindle Gouge Blade Width3/8"
  • Spindle Gouge Flute Width1/4"

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R3 Lathe Variable Speed, Chuck and Tools - 355mm x 510mm

Class leading concentricity

The precisely aligned drive spindle runs on extra wide, sealed for life roller bearings.

R3 Lathe Variable Speed, Chuck and Tools - 355mm x 510mm

R3 Lathe Variable Speed, Chuck and Tools - 355mm x 510mm

R3 Lathe Variable Speed, Chuck and Tools - 355mm x 510mm

R3 Lathe Variable Speed, Chuck and Tools - 355mm x 510mm

R3 Lathe Variable Speed, Chuck and Tools - 355mm x 510mm

R3 Lathe Variable Speed, Chuck and Tools - 355mm x 510mm

R3 Lathe Variable Speed, Chuck and Tools - 355mm x 510mm