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Router Bit Set - Joint Making Set

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This set contains the three most popular joint making router bits; lock mitre, drawer lock and reversible glue joint, designed to make joinery quicker, easier and better looking, ideal for boxes, cabinets and furniture. Each bit features diamond ground, micro-grain tungsten carbide tipped blades for long lasting hardness and superior edge retention.
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Router Bit Set - Joint Making Set
Regular price £90.00
Regular price £0.00Sale price £90.00
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • The most popular joint making router bits; lock mitre, reversible glue joint and drawer lock
  • Micro-grain tungsten carbide ensures long lasting hardness and superior edge retention
  • Perfectly balanced, vibration free bodies for a smoother cut
  • Shear angle blades slice the wood for a feather free finish
  • Anti kick back design for maximum operator safety
TCT Router Bits
Each router bit features diamond ground, micro-grain tungsten carbide tipped blades. This tighter micro-grain structure means the blades offer long lasting hardness and superior edge retention. The body of each bit has been turned and then milled with uncompromising precision from a single piece of 4140 high tensile steel to give perfect balance for reduced vibration and therefore smoother cuts. 4140 steel has been chosen because of its toughness, high fatigue strength, and abrasion and impact resistance. The tungsten carbide tips are then brazed onto the bodies using induction to create an extremely strong joint that safely holds under the high stresses that occur when routing. The router bits are suitable for use on softwoods, hardwoods, veneers, laminates and composite materials.

Lock Mitre Bit
Lock mitre bits create an interlocking profile which locks the joint against movement when clamped and gives a large surface area for gluing for guaranteed strength. The bits can be used to create perfect 90° corner joints as well as producing the joint needed for edge jointing boards together. To create a 90° joint one workpiece should be routed horizontally on the table while the other is routed vertically against the fence. These lock mitre bits are most commonly used for constructing boxes, drawers, and cabinet parts in addition to edge jointing boards.

Reversible Glue Joint Bit
Reversible glue joint bits are used to produce fast, accurate glue joints with increased surface area for glue application, resulting in an incredibly strong joint. These bits create joints in perfect flush alignment, reducing the amount of time spent sanding and planing during the finishing process. Using uniformly thick boards, centre this bit with the edge of the boards and then cut one workpiece face down and the other face up to produce the joint. These bits are ideal for routing wide dimension panels, tabletops and doors. Maximum stock thickness for this bit is 32mm. For router table use only.

Drawer Lock Bit
Drawer lock bits are chosen for their speed and simplicity when joining drawer fronts to sides. These bits create an incredibly strong joint with increased surface area for glue application. The wedge-shaped tenons produced will self-align the workpieces for strong, perfectly fitting and attractive joints. To create a drawer lock joint, cut the drawer front flat on the router table with the outside facing upwards. The drawer side is then cut vertically, with the inside facing the fence. Minimum wood thickness for these bits is 12mm. For router table use only. Shanks are 1/2".

Superior Finish and Performance
The shearing angle of the cutting edges ensure they remain in constant contact with the workpiece to allow a smoother, slicing cut which eliminates tear-out and gives a mirror finish. The bits feature right hook angles which further enhances the cut due to the fast removal of chips. These bits feature an anti-kickback design which limits the feed rate of the material being cut to decrease the likelihood of a kickback, meaning each bit conforms to strict German DIN standards to ensure maximum operator safety. ©
  • BrandRutlands®
  • Product CodeR5913
  • Lock Mitre BitD=51mm H=22mm A=45° L=68mm n.max=18,000 S=1/2"
  • Reversible Glue Joint BitD=38mm H=32mm A=30° L=73mm n.max=18,000 S=1/2"
  • Drawer Lock BitD=50.8mm H=12.7mm A=15° L=54mm n.max=18,000 S=1/2"

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Tim B.
I have produced stacking storage boxes with the dr...

I have produced stacking storage boxes with the drawer lock using a combination of materials I had to hand. (dismantled old tables)I used oak for all the fronts, beech and mahogany for the sides and back and ply for the bottoms. The results have pleased my fiercest critic (my wife) and they are now in use in our conservatory and are much admired by all who have seen them. Previous attempts using a different brand of cutters were only fit for workshop use.The next project is joining pieces using the reversible glue joint, trial runs with scrap wood have given excellent results but accuracy in setting up is essential with all three cutters.I could not be more delighted with the set.

Ross T.
Great quality bits...

Great quality bits

Joe R.
As per other reviews, the quality of the bits are ...

As per other reviews, the quality of the bits are excellent. I haven't managed to use them yet but the price (during the clearance sale) was impressive enough to warrant the 5 stars. I will provide another review once I've used them but if first impressions matter....these are great.

Barry S.
First impressions: Excellent quality...

First impressions: Excellent quality. The Lock mitre bit, Glue joint bit and the Drawer lock bit for this price is unbelievably good value for money as if u were to buy them separately from it would be over double the price for all 3 of them. They can be a bit fiddly setting the bits up as accuracy in setting up is the key here. U can buy a set up jig for the lock mitre bit off the internet to speeds up the setting up time. Once set up the quality of the joint is superb. Would recommend to anyone who is looking for joint cutters.

Simon S.
The cutters produce excellent results...

The cutters produce excellent results. I have joined oak boards along their edge using the reversible glue joint which produced a very strong tightly bound joint when glued up. The mitre lock also produced similarly great results. I haven't used the drawer lock yet but if it is as good as the others, I will be more than happy. I am a relatively new to routing but have managed to produce some high quality work with these cutters. Happy to recommend.

Router Bit Set - Joint Making Set

Router Bit Set - Joint Making Set

Router Bit Set - Joint Making Set