Router Bit Set - 66 Piece Multi Profile
Router Bit Set - 66 Piece Multi Profile
Router Bit Set - 66 Piece Multi Profile
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Router Bit Set - 66 Piece Multi Profile

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This comprehensive 1/2" shank router bit set contains straight, V groove, dovetail, chamfer, rabbeting and many more profiles, selected to provide an enormously diverse choice and the flexibility to take on any task with complete confidence and ease. Each bit features diamond ground, micro-grain tungsten carbide tipped blades for long lasting hardness and superior edge retention.
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Router Bit Set - 66 Piece Multi Profile
Regular price £300.00
Regular price £0.00Sale price £300.00
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • A highly versatile, multi-profile collection of bits that can be used on hundreds of projects
  • Micro-grain tungsten carbide ensures long lasting hardness and superior edge retention
  • Perfectly balanced, vibration free bodies for a smoother cut
  • Shear angle blades slice the wood for a feather free finish
  • Anti kick back design for maximum operator safety
TCT Router Bits
Each router bit features diamond ground, micro-grain tungsten carbide tipped blades. This tighter micro-grain structure means the blades offer long lasting hardness and superior edge retention. The body of each bit has been turned and then milled with uncompromising precision from a single piece of 4140 high tensile steel to give perfect balance for reduced vibration and therefore smoother cuts. 4140 steel has been chosen because of its toughness, high fatigue strength, and abrasion and impact resistance. The tungsten carbide tips are then brazed onto the bodies using induction to create an extremely strong joint that safely holds under the high stresses that occur when routing. The router bits are suitable for use on softwoods, hardwoods, veneers, laminates and composite materials.

66 Piece Multi Profile Set
This 1/2" shank 66 piece multi profile TCT router bit set is the ultimate collection of professional quality bits, offering incredible value for money and giving you an enormously diverse variety of choice, giving you the flexibility to take on any task with complete confidence and ease. Containing straight cutting bits, V groove bits, dovetail bits, chamfer bits, rabbeting bits, cove bits, edge moulding bits and much more, each router bit profile is clearly detailed in the wooden presentation box.

Superior Finish and Performance
The shearing angle of the cutting edges ensure they remain in constant contact with the workpiece to allow a smoother, slicing cut which eliminates tear-out and gives a mirror finish. The bits feature right hook angles which further enhances the cut due to the fast removal of chips. These bits feature an anti-kickback design which limits the feed rate of the material being cut to decrease the likelihood of a kickback, meaning each bit conforms to strict German DIN standards to ensure maximum operator safety. ©
  • BrandRutlands®
  • Product CodeR5903
  • Straight BitsD=6mm H=16mm S=1/2",D=8mm H=25mm S=1/2", D=10mm H=25mm S=1/2", D=12mm H=25mm S=1/2", D=13mm H=25mm S=1/2", D=16mm H=25mm S=1/2", D=19mm H=25mm S=1/2" & D=25mm H=25mm S=1/2"
  • Hinge Mortising BitsD=12.7mm H=20mm S=1/2",D=16mm H=20mm S=1/2" & D=19mm H=20mm S=1/2"
  • Panel Pilot BitD=9.5mm H=25mm S=1/2"
  • Dovetail BitsD=6.3mm A=8° S=1/2", D=9.5mm A=9° S=1/2", D=12.7mm A=14° S=1/2", D=16mm A=14° S=1/2" & D=19mm A=14° S=1/2"
  • V-Groove BitsD=9.5mm A=90° S=1/2", D=12.7mm A=90° S=1/2", D=16mm A=90° S=1/2" & D=16mm A=60° S=1/2"
  • Keyhole BitD=9.5mm H=11mm S=1/2"
  • Chamfer BitsD=21.5mm A=15° S=1/2",D=27.8mm A=22.5° S=1/2",D=32mm A=45° S=1/2" & D=35mm A=30° S=1/2"
  • Slot Cutter BitsD=31.8mm H=6.3mm T=9.5mm S=1/2" & D=31.8mm H=9.5mm T=9.5mm S=1/2"
  • Rabbeting BitD=31.8mm H=9.5mm S=1/2"
  • Lettering BitD=16mm A=60°
  • Bowl & Tray BitD=25.4mm R=3.2mm
  • Extended Roundover BitD=25.4mm R=6.3mm
  • Flush Trim BitsD=9.5mm H=25mm & D=12.7mm H=25mm
  • Bevel Trim BitD=24mm A=25°
  • Combination Flush & Bevel TrimD=12mm A=30°
  • Venning BitsD=3.2mm R=1.6mm & D=6.3mm R=3.2mm
  • Core Box BitsD=9.5mm R=4.8mm, D=12.7mm R=6.3mm, D=16mm R=8mm & D=19mm R=9.5mm
  • Roman Ogee BitsD=28.6mm R=4mm & D=38mm R=6.3mm
  • Ogee with Fillet BitD=35mm R=4.8mm
  • Classical Ogee BitD=30mm R=4.8mm
  • Plunge Classic BitD=19mm R=4mm
  • Cove BitsD=19mm R=3.2mm, D=22.3mm R=4.8mm & D=25.4mm R=6.3mm
  • Coves Bits Cont.D=28.6mm R=8mm, D=31.8mm R=9.5mm & D=38.1mm R=12.7mm
  • Classical Cove BitD=31.8mm R=8mm
  • Roundover BitsD=19mm R=3.2mm, D=22.2mm R=4.8mm & D=25.4mm R=6.3mm
  • Roundover Bits Cont.D=28.6mm R=8mm, D=31.8mm R=9.5mm & D=38mm R=12.7mm
  • Plunge Beading BitD=12.7mm R=6.3mm
  • Bull Nose BitsD=19mm R=3.2mm & D=22.2mm R=4.8mm
  • Double Beading BitD=28.6mm R=4mm
  • Classical BitD=38.1mm R=4mm
  • Triple Beading BitD=22.2mm R=3.2mm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Martin B.
Well packaged & presented

Well packaged & presented, and most importantly, with me the next day. As for the results, I'm very pleased so far & have managed to find profiles not offered by other suppliers. Will no doubt be back for more.

James H.
Rutlands - my go to place for router bits

Tried many brands over the years, but happy to say I now won't go anywhere else for router bits. I've thrown everything at them, including the hardest walnut and ash, and they continue to impress with the quality of finish left behind. If you're serious about routing then investing in quality bits is a must.

Dave T.
Thoroughly impressed

Cheap bits tend to tear the wood & blunt quickly. These on the other hand have kept an ultra sharp edge & given me a beautifully clean cut - no burn marks & very little sanding required, if any at all. Thoroughly impressed.

Excellent value for money and after using a few of...

Excellent value for money and after using a few of the bits I find them to be very good quality

Lewis A.
I owned a set of these before, along with the then...

I owned a set of these before, along with the then 1/4" set which sadly isn't available anymore. Sadly, these were stolen from my workshop along with the rest of the kit that wasn't bolted down. Since then and a long fight to get back, some help came my way, that and an email offer for £100 off this set, I couldn't lose out on this offer and have the cutters I've trusted in for years, back in my hands. These are stunning quality as always, exactly what you should expect from Rutlands, serious tools for a great price, amazing service and quick delivery. The feeling of relief opening the box, feeling my way around these cutters again, I feel good knowing I don't have to go to another manufacturer. All being well, when a new router is sorted out, these will get back in to production usage. Thank you Rutlands for an amazing offer. You saved my skin. Bless you.What sets this kit apart from any other supplier, great value for perfect cutters, a beautiful storage case and bits you can be really creative with. As soon as I can get my hands on the other cutters needed, I'm back to spec.

Router Bit Set - 66 Piece Multi Profile