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Solid Carbide Router Bit - Spiral Up Cut 2 Flute

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These spiral up cut router bits pull waste up and clear of the cutting area, eliminating the build-up of dust and chips, to prevent burning whilst plunge cutting and provide the best possible finish on the bottom surface of a part. Precision ground from solid micro-grain tungsten carbide, for the longest possible tool life and edge retention.
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  • D=3mm H=12mm L=51mm S=1/4" $27.00
  • D=4mm H=16mm L=50mm S=1/4" $31.00
  • D=5mm H=20mm L=50mm S=1/4" $33.00
  • D=6mm H=20mm L=50mm S=1/4" $34.00
  • D=8mm H=25mm L=76mm S=1/2" $74.00
  • D=10mm H=25mm L=76mm S=1/2" $81.00
  • D=12mm H=38mm L=89mm S=1/2" $125.00
  • D=12mm H=50mm L=102mm S=1/2" $130.00
  • D=3mm H=12mm L=50mm S=3mm $19.00
  • D=4mm H=16mm L=50mm S=4mm $22.00
  • D=5mm H=20mm L=60mm S=5mm $30.00
  • D=6mm H=20mm L=60mm S=6mm $34.00
  • D=8mm H=25mm L=64mm S=8mm $47.00
  • D=10mm H=25mm L=80mm S=10mm $67.00
  • D=12mm H=38mm L=90mm S=12mm $87.00
  • D=12.7mm H=50.8mm L=102mm S=1/2" $110.00
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Solid Carbide Router Bit - Spiral Up Cut 2 Flute
Regular price $27.00
Regular price Sale price $27.00
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Used when the best possible finish is required on the bottom surface of a part
  • Up cut spiral provides fast chip removal, pulling chips up and clear of the cutting area
  • Precision ground, micro-grain solid tungsten carbide provides exceptional tool life
  • Solid carbide bits run cooler during use, retaining a sharper edge for longer
  • Superior edge retention ensures cleaner and more accurate cuts, for the ultimate finish
Solid Carbide Router Bits
Each router bit has been precision ground from a single piece of super micro-grain solid tungsten carbide. This ultimate micro-grain carbide formulation gives the longest tool life and edge retention ensuring a very clean and accurate cut that leads to the ultimate finish. These STC router bits are suitable for use on softwoods, hardwoods, veneers, plastic materials, laminates, and composite materials.

Spiral Up Cut Two Flute Bits
Spiral up cut two flute bits are used to provide fast chip removal whilst routing, with the bit pulling chips up and clear of the cutting area. This eliminates the buildup of dust and chips, ensuring an ultra smooth cut and preventing burning whilst plunge cutting. These bits are ideal for grooving, slotting and mortising where the hole or opening will not be seen, and typically used when the best possible finish is required on the bottom surface of a part.

Superior Finish and Performance
Each spiral has been specifically designed to give the optimum cutting angle to ensure the wood is sheared cleanly as well as providing efficient chip ejection. This leads to the bits running cooler during use as solid carbide dissipates heat more uniformly, even at high speeds, meaning the edges remain as sharp as possible and are retained for longer. Each bit conforms to strict German DIN standards to ensure maximum operator safety. ©

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Solid Carbide - Spiral Up Cut 2 Flute

Solid Carbide - Spiral Up Cut 2 Flute

Solid Carbide - Spiral Up Cut 2 Flute