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Wetstone Sharpener

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Powered by a reversible, variable speed motor this sharpener maintains the ideal speed, regardless of load applied. The low speed range ensures no overheating or loss of hardness to the tool edge, ensuring full control whilst sharpening, and extending the life of the tool. A range of specialised jigs ensures consistent, flawless results on fine edge tools including chisels, turning tools, carving tools, knives and plane irons.
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Wetstone Sharpener
Regular price $335.00
Regular price Sale price $335.00
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Reversible, variable speed, permanent-magnet motor maintains the ideal speed
  • Aluminium oxide grinding wheel provides efficient steel removal and long stone life
  • Leather honing wheel removes burrs, prior to honing and mirror polishing the edge
  • Low speed range ensures an edge will not become overheated and lose its hardness
  • Supplied with truing tool, jig holder, stone grader, honing compound and jigs
With this premium performance sharpener and wide range of jigs, you can shape, sharpen and hone any type of edge tool to a mirror finish. It is powered by a reversible, variable speed, permanent-magnet motor, as used on the latest Tesla electric vehicles, which will maintain the ideal speed regardless of load applied. The low speed range means there is no risk that the edge becomes overheated and loses its hardness, giving you full control of the sharpening process, so that you do not remove more steel than necessary, making your tools last much longer.

The 220 grit aluminium oxide grinding wheel, which is cooled in a bath of water, offers the most effective combination of efficient steel removal, smooth surface finish and long stone life. When you need to refine an edge, you can use the stone grader to convert the surface of the stone to 1000 grit. Having shaped and created the edge on the stone, you finish the sharpening process on the leather honing wheel, using the honing compound to gently remove the burr, prior to honing and mirror polishing the edge. The reversible motor makes the honing and polishing processes easier and faster.

The body of the sharpener features a carry handle, is rust proof and made from impact-resistant ABS with vertical and horizontal steel bushes to provide firm support for the universal jig holder. The water trough has an extra wide mouth to prevent spillage when sharpening long edge tools and can be removed without tools for cleaning. The sharpener comes complete with a diamond truing tool to dress a worn stone to its original profile, universal jig holder, straight edge jig for chisels and plane irons, angle measuring & setting jig, stone grader and honing compound.

Rated for continuous use this is a premium wetstone sharpener that allows you to add consistent and exact cutting geometry to fine edge tools including chisels, turning tools, carving tools, knives, and plane irons. ©
  • BrandRutlands®
  • Product CodeR7550
  • Voltage230V
  • Power90W
  • Dimensions300mm x 200mm x 330mm
  • Weight10kg
  • Variable Speed Range120 - 200rpm
  • Motor TypePermanent Magnet
  • Grinding Wheel200mm x 40mm x 12mm
  • Honing Wheel180mm x 30mm

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Wetstone Sharpener

Cool under pressure

Motor maintains the ideal low speed range, regardless of load, ensuring no overheating or loss of hardness to the tool edge.

Wetstone Sharpener

Wetstone Sharpener

Wetstone Sharpener