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Master Jig Kit

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This comprehensive kit features jigs specifically designed for the shaping and sharpening of fine edge woodworking tools, knives, turning tools and carving tools. The kit includes a plane blade jig, knife jig, turning tool jig, carving tool jig, profiled leather honing wheel and tool rest jig.
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Master Jig Kit
Regular price £145.00
Regular price £0.00Sale price £145.00
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Five jigs and a leather honing wheel specifically for woodworkers, turners and carvers
  • Designed to shape and sharpen chisels, plane blades turning and carving tools
  • Precision made, designed for exact and consistent sharpening
  • Industry standard size, designed to fit all leading brands of wetstone sharpeners
  • Durable, anodised finish ensures scratch, wear and corrosion resistance
This kit features the jigs that are specifically designed for the shaping and sharpening of fine edge woodworking tools, knives, turning tools and carving tools. The kit includes R7556 plane blade jig, R7558 knife jig, R7557 turning tool jig, R7560 carving tool jig, R7561 profiled leather honing wheel and the R7563 tool rest jig.

Plane Blade Jig
This is the finest and easiest jig to use for the precise and consistent sharpening and honing of hand plane blades. Hand plane blades have a slight camber on either side of their edge. Using a straight edge jig can help create this camber but it takes time and relies on eye judgement. With this jig, your blade is automatically positioned at the centre of the jig and the blade is rocked to create the camber. The angle at which the jig can rock is adjustable by rotating two adjustment knobs on the underside of the jig. The jig can hold any blade up to 70mm in width.

Knife Jig
This knife jig with its 100mm wide clamping face allows for the sharpening of all lengths of knives. The mouth of the clamp opens from 1mm to 10mm accept varying thicknesses of blade found on accommodate kitchen, hunting and pen knives. The jig sits freely on the bar of the universal jig holder allowing you to follow the curve of the blade to create an even bevel. The angle of the edge can be fine tuned by turning the handle clock wise or anti-clockwise.

Turning Tool Jig
This turning tool jig will help deliver a perfectly symmetrical grind on bowl, spindle and roughing gouges up to 36mm in width. Supplied in two parts, the design allows you to pivot your gouge horizontally and vertically to control and perfect both the side grind and nose angle. Once mounted onto the support arm, the jig can be locked in to position, meaning your grind can be repeated on multiple gouges to provide a consistent edge geometry.

Carving Tool Jig
This carving tool jig rests freely against the bar of the universal jig holder to keep the carving tool equidistant from the grind stone, to ensure a repeatable grind angle across the whole bevel edge. The V shape design automatically clamps the carving tool to the centre of the jig. Once the angle has been set simply holding the jig against the bar and applying slight pressure provides a consistent edge geometry.

Profiled Leather Honing Wheel
This profiled leather honing wheel is used for honing and polishing the inside of woodturning bowl, spindle and rouging gouges and carving gouges and V tools. The honing wheel is supplied with a steel arbour that screws onto the main drive shaft allowing you to control the rotational speed. The 100mm by 25mm wide wheel has two tips to accommodate the honing of both narrow and standard gouge. The optional honing paste helps remove any burr and creates a razor sharp mirror finish.

Tool Rest Jig
This 110mm by 90mm tool rest slides on to the arm of the universal jig holder to provide a large and firm supporting platform when sharpening your tools. The locking system which increases the locking force by over 200% allows you to leave the jig set up and make repeated grinds. This jig is used for the sharpening of woodturning scrapers, chisels, cabinet scrapers and any fine edge tool with a flat surface. ©
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James s.

Everything you need for turning tools and superb quality at a fantastic price. Again, Rutland deliver and exceptional product, swiftly delivered and top class customer service. Will continue to use

Master Jig Kit

Master Jig Kit

Master Jig Kit

Master Jig Kit

Master Jig Kit

Master Jig Kit