No 62 Low Angle Jack Plane
No 62 Low Angle Jack Plane
No 62 Low Angle Jack Plane
No 62 Low Angle Jack Plane
No 62 Low Angle Jack Plane
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No 62 Low Angle Jack Plane

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The low effective angle of this versatile jack plane is designed for initial smoothing and working on end grain, ideal for use with shooting boards when squaring ends. The adjustable mouth opening can be made narrow for precision work or opened for heavier stock removal.
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No 62 Low Angle Jack Plane
Regular price £210.00
Regular price £0.00Sale price £210.00
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Low cutting angle excels at end grain work, whether trimming, flattening or smoothing
  • Lateral adjustment lever ensures the blade sits square to the mouth opening
  • Bedrock design allows the frog to be adjusted without removing the irons
  • Precision machined ductile iron castings ensure the sole is flat and square to the sides
  • T10 carbon steel blade, hardened for maximum edge retention
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Manufactured to British Standards, Rutlands® hand planes are recommended by discerning cabinetmakers and carpentry instructors for their superb construction, finish and performance. Using world leading manufacturing techniques, each precision ground plane represents a serious alternative to the premium brands produced in North America. The planes use the reliable bedrock design that gives maximum stability and support for the cutting iron during use as the frog extends all the way to the sole to provide support at its cutting edge. The renowned design has a screw mechanism that allows the frog to be adjusted without removing the blade or lever cap, easily allowing the blade to be adjusted relative to the sole to adjust the mouth opening. It can be made narrow for fine shavings or opened for coarse material.

No 62 Low Angle Jack Plane
A jack plane has been designed to be used across the grain and will perform trimming, flattening and stock removal tasks accurately and effortlessly. The low angle design of this plane is perfect for working on end grain and initial smoothing. The plane features a lateral adjustment lever that is used to ensure the blade sits square to the mouth opening. The blade can also be adjusted vertically using a knurled brass knob to change the depth of cut. The plane has an overall length of 355mm, is 62mm wide and weighs 2.6kg.

Materials & Manufacturing
The plane body features a heavy, stress relieved ductile iron casting which is precision machined to ensure the sole is flat and square to the sides. The plane is fitted with a T10 high carbon steel tool blade which can take a keen edge, and that has been hardened to RC60-64 for maximum edge retention. A thick stainless steel cap iron and a chipbreaker supports the blade against the full length frog for less chatter and tearout. The front knob and handle are made from solid bubinga wood which provides a firm and comfortable grip. ©
  • BrandRutlands®
  • Product CodeR1708
  • Plane Length355mm
  • Plane Width62mm
  • Bed Angle12°
  • Blade Angle45°
  • Blade Thickness3mm
  • Blade Width58mm
  • Weight2.4kg

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Roger K.
Lovely to use, but not quite perfect

I was slightly disappointed by the finish in places (missing black japanning, a few small runs in the handle finish etc.) when I first opened it. Also probably took about 15 mins to lap the blade (longer than other reviews, so I was maybe a bit unlucky as there was a bit of poor grinding to get out of one side of the blade). So not blown away to start with. But now I’ve actually used it I am impressed. Lovely weight and consistent fine shavings. I keep looking for things to plane, so for the price (£140 in a sale) I’m very happy.

Jack C.
Very surprised!

I wanted a hefty enough low angle plane for some end grain work that my block plane wasn't quite up to. I didn't want to spend Veritas money but did want "good enough" quality. Well this is superb quality. On arrival, the first thing I did was check for squareness. Absolutely bang-on all around. I spent about 10 minutes sharpening the blade on Japanese waterstones and then with less than a minute of tweaking it took a perfect shaving. It's held the edge well so far after quite a lot of end grain work on my shooting board, only stropping it occasionally. The only issue is the little brass cap underneath the front handle. It's completely askew and can't be adjusted as it seems to be bonded down. I considered sending it back at first, but after putting the setup effort in I decided it was purely cosmetic. BUT - it shouldn't have made it out of the factory like that in my opinion. In short, would have absolutely no problem recommending this and suspect it's £100 cheaper than a plane of similar quality even at full price.

J H.
Wow - Veritas must be worried...

Wow - Veritas must be worried. Put a straight edge and feeler gauges under the sole of the plane and less than 1/10" of a thou across the whole length. Photo does not do justice to the plane.

W W.
I own about 4 stanley and record hand planes so af...

I own about 4 stanley and record hand planes so after reading the other reviews i thought id try this one .1st low angle plane iv used. Much more than I usually would spend on a hand plane but have to say I don't regret it one little bit. Beautifully made and planes like a dream .much easier to push i notice. Sole is not flat though but is leave as it is for now. Absolutely love this thing and highly recommend it, think il buy the block plane now as well

Adrian B.
Bought it some time ago...

Bought it some time ago. Excellent finish and overall very good build quality. Good packaging ensured it arrived intact.If you take time to completely disassemble it after getting it out and remove any burrs that might have escaped quality control, you have a first class plane, which will serve you for years to come.<

No 62 Low Angle Jack Plane

No 62 Low Angle Jack Plane

No 62 Low Angle Jack Plane